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We at the Impression Makers Printing and are continually updating and are using the most efficient state of the art equipment, which allows us to provide our clients with high-quality products, incredibly fast turnarounds, at extremely competitive prices.

We realize that most people could care less about what models of equipment we use, so long as they receive what they ordered. Still, we can't help being proud of our toys. Once you see how great they make you look, we hope you'll be proud of them, too.

Chuck Kerns and his gang take excellent care
of the equipment on the Gray Floor area.

Design and Pre-Press Output

  • Heidelberg Printnec Work Flow System
    Heidelberg Printnec Work Flow System

    Our PDF front end Work Horse
    Handles virtually any PS,
    EPS, PDF system and configures
    a Post Ripped file to output on
    any proofing system, insuring
    total color quality from proof to press.

  • Macintosh and IBM based PDF workflow
    Macintosh and IBM based PDF workflow

    Our Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop,
    InDesign, Publisher, Word, GoLive,
    and Acrobat files are output to
    our Heidelberg Direct to plate
    system as PDF's.

    We can convert files
    to pdf from both Mac or IBM platforms.

Large Format / Posters & Banners - Copies

  • Cannon Black and White High Speed Copier

    Black and white toner based,
    collating bin, automatic stapling,
    high spped copier for "budget" quality

  • Canon Color Copier 800S

    Hardworking and easy to operate,
    the Canon 800S shows that a limited budget
    is no reason to do without performance
    and reliability. The 800S produces 35 crisp,
    clear copies per minute along with auto
    density for consistently high quality.
    It also boasts an 80 sheet bypass tray
    and eight preset, as well as variable,
    reduction/enlargement capabilities from
    49% - 204% for originals and copies
    ranging in size from 8.5" x 5.5" to
    11" x 17", even bound originals and
    sheet weights up to 32 lbs.

  • Epson Pro 9880 Large Format
    Epson Pro 9880 Large Format

    Our large format Printer,
    six color, prints on Vinyl,
    Acetate and Paper.

    Up to 44" wide by any length.

  • Epson Stylus Pro 7600
    Epson Stylus Pro 7600

    For High Quality Color Posters up to 24" Wide,
    on practically any material from Vinyl
    to Photo Quality Paper.

Presses (Ink on Paper - NO toner)

  • HP Indigo 5000
    HP Indigo 5000

    HP Digital press, with variable data,
    and variable images produces
    stunning, crisp, full color printing
    both fast and cost effectively.

    Ink on paper!

  • Heidelberg 2 color PrintMaster 52
    Heidelberg 2 color PrintMaster 52

    14.5 x 20.5

    2 color printing at
    13,000 sheets an hour.

  • Heidelberg 6 Color SpeedMaster 52
    Heidelberg 6 Color SpeedMaster 52

    14.5 x 20.5

    6 color SpeedMaster, running
    15,000 impressions an hour.

  • Heidelberg QM2,  2 color
    Heidelberg QM2, 2 color

    This is our 2/color envelope press.

    Pictured is J. Gonzales, of Calif. who
    refurbished the press for us and set it
    up for envelope printing.

Bindery and Finishing

  • Baumfolder 18x23-inch Right Angle

    The Baum 18x23-inch right angle folder
    combines all the rugged reliability you
    would expect from a piece of equipment with
    the ease of operation of a twist knob. It
    can easily handle coated stocks as well
    as high-speed copier and laser-printed
    stocks--up to 18" x 23". Its easy setup
    and variable feed speeds ensure an
    accurate execution of any job.

  • Business Card Slitter
    Business Card Slitter

    We love doing Business Cards!

    20 up Business Cards, makes the jobs scream
    through the shop.

    We love doing Business Cards!

  • Challenge 3-head Paper Drill

    The Challenge three-hole drill makes it
    easy to prepare presentations, manuals or
    reports for use in three-ring binders.
    This machine makes it possible to drill
    clean, consistent holes varying from 1/8"
    to over 1/2" in diameter in virtually any
    position on a page. The Baum drill can also
    handle a variety of stock sizes and
    thicknesses, including as many as 250
    sheets at a time.

  • Digital Press Sheet Creaser

    To facilitate the folding of
    Digital Papers, this machine
    is a must to eliminate cracks
    on the score line.

  • Die Cutting, scoring and perfing!

  • Horizon SaddleStitcher
    Horizon SaddleStitcher

    has installed a Horizon Stitchliner 80 page
    which combines flat sheet collation,
    folding, saddle stitching and three
    knife trimming in one centrally controlled system for high speed, quality book,
    magazine, calendar and newsletter production speeding entire process
    to a matter of 1 or 2 days after press.

  • Perfect Binding Press
    Perfect Binding Press

    For the short run perfect binding
    projects, we offer both soft and
    hard cover binding
    in house.

    Hot glue binding.

  • Preferred Semi-Automatic Shrinkwrapper
    Preferred Semi-Automatic Shrinkwrapper

    The Preferred shrink wrapper system
    is semi-automatic and handles even the
    largest job efficiently. The system has
    an adjustable conveyor that allows for
    easy unloading of finished packages.

  • Saber Cutter & Champion Cutter
    Saber Cutter & Champion Cutter

    Our New 37 Inch Saber coupled
    with our 30.5" Champion gets us
    from prepress to post press in record time.

  • UV Coater
    UV Coater

    One or two sided UV coating in shop.
    We UV coat practically all our
    business cards, and it works great
    on postcards, both sides, so the
    Post Office equipment can't damage
    the printed image on the cards.

    Wonderful on magazine covers and sell
    sheets that you want to look rich and colorful.

    High Gloss, Low Finger Print Gloss, and Matte Gloss are available

  • Wiro Binding makes it possible to neatly
    bind manuals, presentations and reports
    in several wire colors and sizes, up to
    2" thick. This machine can accurately
    bind a variety of stocks, including cardstock,
    acetate and vinyl covers, to lend a clean,
    professional appearance to any job.

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